My Best Friend’s Wedding

I’ve always been a big fan of Julia Roberts, I just don’t think I can choose which is my favourite of hers though. Her laugh is just so sunny and infectious and how outfits are always stylish, despite it being filmed in 1997. You can’t help but love her and want her to get her man by the end of the film. my-best-friends-wedding

I am slightly disappointed at the lack of eye candy in the film but there is something slightly charming about Dermot Mulroney and his sexy scar. My favourite scene is where they all burst into song, ‘I Say a Little Prayer For You’. This is the ultimate cheesiest thing but I love it. It’s a classic.


Notting Hill

You can’t beat Notting Hill for a great night in with a cup of hot chocolate. I love all the different characters and how they add so much to the film. My favourite is Spike, the room mate, he is just so disgustingly unnecessary it’s just funny. I think he’s my favourite character of the chick flicks. 

Check it out!!

Pretty Woman


I first fell in love with Julia Roberts when I saw her in Pretty Woman. I think she’s amazing, there’s just something about her that’s so likeable and her laugh is totally infectious. Even though she makes one hot prostitute you can tell she is destined for something bigger, which she finds in Richard Gere. He’s what me housemate calls ‘quiet beauty’ he doesn’t have to say much to ooze sex appeal. I think he’s perfect in this role but I always wonder what he’s thinking. No matter what’s gone wrong in your life this film is guaranteed to cheer you up.