The Back Up Plan

The Back Up Plan is definately in my top 3. Whenever I have girlfriends over they always request that we watch this so I must’ve seen it at least 20 times. I love the humour, the eye candy and of course Jennifer Lopez.

Alex O’Loughlin is relatively new on the chick flick scene and boy have we been missing him. He has a seriously hot body and his comedic timing is impeccable.

So when you go buy this DVD, I also recommend that you also get the soundtrack. I think ‘What is Love’ by Jennifer Lopez is my favourite, a great track to bop around the kitchen too.

I look forward to any challengers to try and knock this off my top spot!


The Heartbreak Kid

 Happy wife, happy life!


Watching this film was a last resort when I went back home for the weekend and wanted a light hearted film to fall asleep to. This was the best thing my sister could come up with. It isn’t horrendous but that depends on your type of humour. Ben Stiller only seems to do the same kind of film which I always have to be in a certain mood in order to enjoy it. I’d recommend it if you haven’t got anything to do but it certainly won’t make it into my top 20. 

Legally Blonde

There’s nothing I love better than a dumb blonde with Daddy’s plastic


This is without a doubt the most iconic chick flick of all time, in my opinion anyway!  Reese Witherspoon has created such a loveable and hilarious character. I’m pretty sure every girl across the globe knows (and possibly uses haha) the Bend and Snap.

There are so many funny one liners that’ll have you in stitches!!

[Elle is presiding at her sorority meeting
Elle: It has come to my attention that the maintenance staff is switching our toilet paper from Charmin… to generic. All those opposed to chafing, please say “Aye”. 
Entire Sorority Group: Aye. 

Brooke: Are you one of my lawyers? 
Elle: Sort of. 
Brooke: Well thank God one of you has a brain.


The whole film is just so hilarious and really really cheers you up when your feeling a bit down. And if that doesn’t do it then there is always Legally Blonde 2!!

My Best Friend’s Wedding

I’ve always been a big fan of Julia Roberts, I just don’t think I can choose which is my favourite of hers though. Her laugh is just so sunny and infectious and how outfits are always stylish, despite it being filmed in 1997. You can’t help but love her and want her to get her man by the end of the film. my-best-friends-wedding

I am slightly disappointed at the lack of eye candy in the film but there is something slightly charming about Dermot Mulroney and his sexy scar. My favourite scene is where they all burst into song, ‘I Say a Little Prayer For You’. This is the ultimate cheesiest thing but I love it. It’s a classic.


For what could seem more harmless, more inoccent than chocolat!!


I first discovered this film when my figure skating instructor chose the theme tune as music for my new routine. I was totally captivated by the music and it’s probably the my favourite part of the whole film. I love the individuality and spirit of the mother and daughter. The way she is able to change the whole little town’s attitude just by her special chocolate shop.


This film is so deeply seductive with a mixture of Chocolat and Jonny Depp. It’s great film to enjoy accompanied with your own big bar of your favourite chocolate.

August Rush

An incredible journey moving at the speed of sound


I first saw this film in Africa and was given the DVD by the family I stayed with because we watched it so many times together. They loved the music and the romance and I will always remember my trip to Africa by this film. There is no other way to describe this film that truly magical. The way that music reunited the whole family and is the driving force behind each of them is a bit far fetched but the little boy’s talent is extraordinary which makes up for it. Plus who doesn’t need  a little magic in their life.


I’ve actually bought the soundtrack because I absolutely love every track. I love the strummy guitar music mixed with the more classical stuff. It’s a great CD to chill out too.

Not only that, Jonathan Rhys Meyers (the yummy Hugo Boss guy) stars in it and I just can’t resist his gorgeous Irish charm. All round this film is a winner, a lovely happy ending, great eye candy and an amazing soundtrack. You really can’t go wrong.








An incredible journey moving at the speed of sound


The Notebook


Without a shadow of a doubt this is my all time favourite film. I love everything about it, the characters, the setting, the story line and the magical ending. It fits every mood on every occasion and I don’t know any girl who doesn’t love it.  

There are some scenes that really do just take your breath away. I’ve found an awesome clip on youtube where the stars win the MTV Kissing Award. It’s great and its probably there chemistry together that really makes the film.