About Me

Welcome to the Ultimate Chick Flick Guide!! I am a die hard chick flick fan so I’ll be sharing with you my favourite films and which ones you should avoid.I hope you enjoy it and if you can think of anymore then let me know.

However, I am open to some new suggestions so I’ll be sugesin sa few that you should try.


The Heartbreak Kid

 Happy wife, happy life!


Watching this film was a last resort when I went back home for the weekend and wanted a light hearted film to fall asleep to. This was the best thing my sister could come up with. It isn’t horrendous but that depends on your type of humour. Ben Stiller only seems to do the same kind of film which I always have to be in a certain mood in order to enjoy it. I’d recommend it if you haven’t got anything to do but it certainly won’t make it into my top 20. 

Best Food to go with your film!

What you do when watching your film is totally up to you but it can totally make your evening in. Anything can set the mood  and make watching your film so much better. So here are my personal faves!!

A glass of wine


I’m a bit of a lighweight so I only need one glass of wine, it just relaxes me so much! I so prefer rose over white or red! It’s great to share a bottle with a few friends.


A Hot Chocolate with Marshallows


I hate being cold in winter and hot chocolate can warm you up as well as make you feel so much better. Chocolate and warmth in a mug you can’t get much better than that!

If you have any other favourite accompaniments for your film then let me know!!

The Wedding Planner


I seem to have noticed a pattern with the types of film I enjoy watching, they all seem to revolved around weddings which is weird because I really don’t actually have any intention of getting married. 

Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez make a great on screen couple and although the ending is slightly predictable its a great love story. It almost makes me broody…almost!!

My Best Friend’s Wedding

I’ve always been a big fan of Julia Roberts, I just don’t think I can choose which is my favourite of hers though. Her laugh is just so sunny and infectious and how outfits are always stylish, despite it being filmed in 1997. You can’t help but love her and want her to get her man by the end of the film. my-best-friends-wedding

I am slightly disappointed at the lack of eye candy in the film but there is something slightly charming about Dermot Mulroney and his sexy scar. My favourite scene is where they all burst into song, ‘I Say a Little Prayer For You’. This is the ultimate cheesiest thing but I love it. It’s a classic.

Love Actually


This is a great Christmas film that can actually be watched all year round. I love how all the storylines are cleverly linked and each take you on an emotional roller coaster. You laugh almost as much as you cry. It’s perfect for a cosy night in. 


I have to say my boyfriend enjoys this film almost as much as me. Lots of pretty girls always help but sometimes I think guys need a bit of soppy romance in their lives as well. All behind closed doors though!! Although, on second thoughts the porn actors are always a great persuasive tool!! 

Love actually is all around!