The Back Up Plan

The Back Up Plan is definately in my top 3. Whenever I have girlfriends over they always request that we watch this so I must’ve seen it at least 20 times. I love the humour, the eye candy and of course Jennifer Lopez.

Alex O’Loughlin is relatively new on the chick flick scene and boy have we been missing him. He has a seriously hot body and his comedic timing is impeccable.

So when you go buy this DVD, I also recommend that you also get the soundtrack. I think ‘What is Love’ by Jennifer Lopez is my favourite, a great track to bop around the kitchen too.

I look forward to any challengers to try and knock this off my top spot!


Bridget Jones’s Diary


The wonders of Bridget Jones’s Diary were called upon in a boyfriend drama emergency tonight. I swear this film has healing powers for my housemates and their troubles. We actually have several copies of this film just in case of a serious emergency. Bridget just couldn’t be played by anyone else because her mannerisms are just so hilarious. 


However, this particular time I was suddenly alarmed at the thought of having to do something similar when I work as a journalist. I hope I never have to sliding down a fireman’s pole or do anything else THAT embarrassing for that matter. I fear for our dignity my fellow BJ’s!!

Richard Finch: Why do you wanna work on television? 
Bridget: I’ve got to leave my job because I shagged my boss. 
Richard Finch: Fair enough. Start on Monday.

Never Been Kissed

I think this film was what got me into Chick Flicks. I just can’t put my finger on why I love this movie so much. But I do think its Drew Barrymore’s ‘s amazing transformation that is so magical. You just go to love  film with a moral. 


This is my favourite chick flick scene of all time. It’s so romantic the way he comes running through the crowd and just kisses her. It’s exactly the way she hoped it would be. Totally perfect!!