Dreams change. Friends are forever

In my earlier geeky days I actually owned the video of Crossroads in French. Sad I know! So when trying to choose my next freebies from work I decided to get this film and actually see it in English for once. This wasn’t my boyfriend’s idea of Friday night entertainment but I have to say that he was persuaded when Britney Spears started jumping round in her underwear. britney_spears_crossroads01


Despite the pretty semi-naked girls I love the cheesyness of this film. I love the issues that the¬†story lines approach, with the final lesson being just to follow your dreams. You can’t get much better than that! Plus there’s always the added bonus of the gorgeous Anson Mount.


Mean Girls


I love this film! I know I say that about a lot of films but you just can’t beat the bitchy humour in this one,partly because I know that this actually happens in some high schools. Each character is just so funny and exaggerated and have so much depth despite their role in the film. My personal favourite is Janice because I love her really dry humour. It has all the usual high school cliches and, of course, a valuable lesson. You just can’t beat a good valuable lesson in a movie.