The Back Up Plan

The Back Up Plan is definately in my top 3. Whenever I have girlfriends over they always request that we watch this so I must’ve seen it at least 20 times. I love the humour, the eye candy and of course Jennifer Lopez.

Alex O’Loughlin is relatively new on the chick flick scene and boy have we been missing him. He has a seriously hot body and his comedic timing is impeccable.

So when you go buy this DVD, I also recommend that you also get the soundtrack. I think ‘What is Love’ by Jennifer Lopez is my favourite, a great track to bop around the kitchen too.

I look forward to any challengers to try and knock this off my top spot!


The Help

I’ve just swiped this book from my Mum and it’s a definate must read. Now I’m only half way through but I can already tell it’s going to be really inspiring.

I love the trailer, I reckon it’s going to be very moving.


I’m always really nervous about books that are made into films because I really get disappointed that it just doesn’t live up to my expectations. In fact, some of the most popular re makes of books I really just can’t watch.

The Help is out in cinemas right now so let me know what you think.