Love Actually


This is a great Christmas film that can actually be watched all year round. I love how all the storylines are cleverly linked and each take you on an emotional roller coaster. You laugh almost as much as you cry. It’s perfect for a cosy night in. 


I have to say my boyfriend enjoys this film almost as much as me. Lots of pretty girls always help but sometimes I think guys need a bit of soppy romance in their lives as well. All behind closed doors though!! Although, on second thoughts the porn actors are always a great persuasive tool!! 

Love actually is all around!


Bridget Jones’s Diary


The wonders of Bridget Jones’s Diary were called upon in a boyfriend drama emergency tonight. I swear this film has healing powers for my housemates and their troubles. We actually have several copies of this film just in case of a serious emergency. Bridget just couldn’t be played by anyone else because her mannerisms are just so hilarious. 


However, this particular time I was suddenly alarmed at the thought of having to do something similar when I work as a journalist. I hope I never have to sliding down a fireman’s pole or do anything else THAT embarrassing for that matter. I fear for our dignity my fellow BJ’s!!

Richard Finch: Why do you wanna work on television? 
Bridget: I’ve got to leave my job because I shagged my boss. 
Richard Finch: Fair enough. Start on Monday.

August Rush

An incredible journey moving at the speed of sound


I first saw this film in Africa and was given the DVD by the family I stayed with because we watched it so many times together. They loved the music and the romance and I will always remember my trip to Africa by this film. There is no other way to describe this film that truly magical. The way that music reunited the whole family and is the driving force behind each of them is a bit far fetched but the little boy’s talent is extraordinary which makes up for it. Plus who doesn’t need  a little magic in their life.


I’ve actually bought the soundtrack because I absolutely love every track. I love the strummy guitar music mixed with the more classical stuff. It’s a great CD to chill out too.

Not only that, Jonathan Rhys Meyers (the yummy Hugo Boss guy) stars in it and I just can’t resist his gorgeous Irish charm. All round this film is a winner, a lovely happy ending, great eye candy and an amazing soundtrack. You really can’t go wrong.








An incredible journey moving at the speed of sound


The Lake House

How do you hold onto someone you’ve never met?


I have to say that I did have to watch this film twice in order to understand it. The plot is a tiny bit complicated but it has Sandra Bullock in it so I gave it a second chance and loved it once I was fully concentrating. Sandra plays a Doctor who begins writing letters to a man via her mailbox. They soon realise that  they are living 2 years apart. Obviously they find themselves falling in love and because she is living in his future she can change the course of her life to make sure that they end up together. 

I won’t spoil the end of the film because it’s such a dramatic but lovely ending. Check out the trailer instead and see if it tickles your fancy.

Mean Girls


I love this film! I know I say that about a lot of films but you just can’t beat the bitchy humour in this one,partly because I know that this actually happens in some high schools. Each character is just so funny and exaggerated and have so much depth despite their role in the film. My personal favourite is Janice because I love her really dry humour. It has all the usual high school cliches and, of course, a valuable lesson. You just can’t beat a good valuable lesson in a movie.

Favourite Chocolate

My sister visited this weekend and we hit Blockbuster to raid the shelves for a girlie night in. Now we are very close and rarely argue but tonight we were split over which big bar of chocolate to buy. The choices are pictured below.

cadbury-4So to settle the debate we decided to get one of each. But I want to know which is your favourite chocolate and why? Let me know!!

Blockbuster Go Bust


I’m in total panic today. My boss told me that Blockbuster in America were facing severe financial difficulties and we have all had to cut down our hours in order to save the company money. Apparently, they were $900 million in debt. How on earth do you not notice that your debt has built up to that much? Or have DVD sales really taken such a hit recently? There are so many other ways to watch films nowadays either watching for the first time at the cinema for the same price or downloading them illegally from the internet and buying pirate copies. It’s just so easy to get a hold of them that no one even bats an eyelid anymore but has hit DVD sales hard. 

I do know that the amount of people trading in old DVDs has escalated, to the point where our filing system has failed us. People are clearly desperate for the money because when I question them as to why they don’t want them anymore and they said it was just money reasons. 

However, I was horrified to read this comment left on Yahoos forum.

‘The times are changing. People don’t want to go to a store and have to deal with poor customer service from some minimum wage teenager who doesn’t care.’

I was horrified when I read this. Is this really how people see me?? Despite the fact that I’m not too keen on my job (free films aside) I always put 100% into my customer service because I hate receiving it myself in shops. 

Never mind I’m not there permanently and how Blockbuster can hang on long enough for 1. me to watch all the films in their comedy section and 2. to fund my way through university.