P.S. I Love You


I’ve read this book and I loved it. Now when I say read it I mean cried at it, recommended it to a friend, talked about it and then read it again for luck. Now I’m always skeptical about watching films that have been adapted from books but I’d heard great things about it from friends so I gave it a shot.
The story follows a young couple,Holly (Hilary Swank)and Gerry (Gerard Butler) and tragically Gerry dies suddenly from a brain tumor. In order to help his wife get over his death he writes her several letters telling her how to get over him and move her life on. Each letter sends her on a new venture and that crucial path of self-discovery.
Now I wear my heart on my sleeve and it worried me that the film hadn’t moved me to tears even though it’s such a tragic story. There were a few touching moments but nothing how I imagined. The whole thing just seemed to be lacking something crucial, something that the author Cecelia Ahern just managed to capture. Not even his sexy irish accent could sway me!!
I know I didn’t like this film because it didn’t match my own expectations from the book and the characters were all wrong and the whole thing just was dragged out in the wrong way. I didn’t even make it to the end of the film. Watch only if you’ve got nothing else to do!!
I’d fully recommend the book though and not to be totally cynical check out the film and let me know what you think!!